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Why Choose Priority One Health Care Professionals?

Our nation’s healthcare industry faces a critical challenge: Hospitals and healthcare facilities are facing a shortage of healthcare professionals and providers which could put patients at risk. As a leading provider of comprehensive staffing solutions this is how POHCP® can assist you:

Meet your needs and expectations. We provide skilled healthcare professionals at a competitive rate...

Achieve an optimal staffing balance. We can meet the demand of your organization by providing immediate healthcare professionals focusing on your staffing needs.

Find the right healthcare professionals for the job. Our innovative recruitment process, unique multi-facet strategy, and variety of assignment length options give us access to the largest network of highly skilled, qualified healthcare professionals in the industry.

The Healthcare Professionals We Staff

POHCP® has consistently met the needs of our clients by providing hospitals and healthcare providers with highly qualified, full or part-time healthcare professionals in a variety of specialized disciplines, including:

      Registered Nurses (RN)
      Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
      Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA)
      Respiratory Therapists (RRT)
      Pharmacy Technicians
      Medical Administrative Positions
      Sitter Associates (SC)
      Senior Companions
      Patient Care Technicians

      POHCP® meets the varying, individualized needs of its healthcare professionals and clients by:

      Offering clients a diverse network of healthcare professionals available in the workforce. Whether you are looking for a Respiratory Therapist, Sitter Associate, CNA or other Allied Healthcare Professionals you can count on POHCP® to create the best healthcare staffing solutions available.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you. Call (770) 413-4244 or complete our online contact form . We look forward to answering your questions.