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About Our Healthcare Staffing Solutions

When Barbara and Floyd Mayfield founded Priority One Health Care Professionals ten years ago, they had a simple goal: to provide their clients with fast, responsive support to their most problematic medical staffing needs.

With over 25 years of experience in the health care field at the time, Barbara, our Director and Executive Officer, knew the sensitivity of staffing choices in the intimate and intense circumstances of a health care setting. She and Floyd were determined to provide hospitals, health care clinics, hospices and private clients with fast solutions to the staffing problems facing them. Where other services may provide impersonal, ill-prepared staff with limited training and poor soft skills, they ensured that POHCP set out from the beginning to develop a roster of only the best medical care providers, with top-notch training credentials, experience in their fields, and superb people-skills.

Fast & Reliable
Response is fast and reliable, with clients gaining 24/7 support, and in most cases direct access to POHCP's compassionate and supportive staffing coordinators, who will help you locate and secure the very best health care professionals to meet your vital staffing needs. Priority One Health Care Professionals meets the highest standards, ensuring you can trust our company to provide only serious, competent staff. A licensed, insured staffing agency, certified by The Joint Commission soon after the organization was founded in 2005, Priority One adheres to exacting standards of service and support, meeting not only the demands of public agency, but the more exacting standards to be expected from a family-owned and managed business whose founders take personal pride in the excellence and integrity of their professional service.

Skills & Friendliness
POHCP provides fast, responsive, flexible staff, that is prepared to offer their skills and friendly, compassionate charm in hospital, hospice, and private duty environments. Whether providing for on-site needs, or looking for travel-based care providers, you can count on our superb staffing candidates to represent the finest in medical care.

Contact Priority One Health Care Professionals through direct phone access, by e-mail, or through our Facebook page. Open the door to a unique and rewarding relationship with our reliable staffing service.

Celebrating Over 17 Years of Customer Service
Certified by The Joint Commission