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Thank you for discovering Priority One Heath Care Professionals!We are a  medical recruiting service supporting the staffing needs of hospitals, hospices, and private clients in Georgia and the surrounding region. We offer fast and continuous, 24/7 staffing support, providing trained, certified medical professionals selected with sensitivity and precision to meet our clients’ high standards.

Our licensed and insured organization maintains high standards of service, receiving one of the very first certifications from The Joint Commission staffing agency program within the first year of their operation.

If you are looking for hospital, hospice, or private duty medical professionals, Priority One Health Care Professionals can meet your staffing needs at a reasonable per diem cost to your business or your clients. Our select staffing candidates travel around our region, providing medical service and support in a wide range of medical situations. Responding to a diverse client base that includes house directors, hospital HR professionals, private clients, and even case managers in social services, our select medical professionals offer capable, compassionate, warm and friendly medical care to the ill, injured and dying, and to their families and associates.

Don’t allow yourself or your clients to be trapped in the impersonal maze of a larger, less intimate staffing agency.Trust Priority One Health Care Professionals with your staffing needs. You will be trusting a service that provides direct access and quick response from sensitive and highly trained staffing coordinators who will directly address your most sensitive staffing concerns. Contact POHCP by phone, email, or through our Facebook page, and treat yourself and your clients to instant support from a premium licensed and certified medical staffing agency.

Celebrate with us over 10 years of customer and client service. We have a passion for caring. Thank you for using POHCP.
Celebrating over 10 years of customer and client service!